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5 Types of Friends We All have

 We all have friends but these special 5 Friends consist in all groups .

1. Mr.Plan

The one who always makes different plans , but at the final day , s/he does not show up . We all are irritated of these kind of friends . Most of these friends always say at the final day “I am Sick, I won’t be able to join plan , next Time I’ll surely attend “. But Next Time Also Same Thing .





This is the friend who eats the most , s/he eats every thing but is the thinnest. Mostly Girls are jealous of these types of friends .

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This type of friend is professional in giving guffs . We all have this kind of friend which always irritates us .


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4.Selfie King / Tag King

Nowdays, We can find these type of friends everywhere . These type of friend have always their mobile in their hand .

They always tag their private photo to lots of people . They have special name i.e Dukhi Aatma .


5. LaaliPowder/Fair&Handsome

The one who puts excessive make up / Hair Gel belongs to this category . We never call this friend with their real name . They have special nickname like LaaliPowder for girls and Fair&Handsome for boys .

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